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The Crivitz School District announced a transition to virtual learning because of a shortage of staff through mandatory staff quarantines. The school district reported an increased number of mental health cases at the school district's elementary schools. Milwaukee Public Schools and the Milwaukee Unified School Board recently announced the introduction of virtual education as part of their new school year.

Staff were asked to work from home over the next few weeks to help them recover. According to a letter leaked to the families, there are currently 20 employees in the Crivitz school district who can only be reserved until the end of the week.

If you plan to bring your racket to the Town Hall for approval, you will need to make an appointment with the PRD in Tungate and visit the MPRD office to check the racket before committing to purchase it. If you know any Umpires or Scorekeepers who are interested in keeping points during the season, please call 920-967-3640. You can also visit the ASA website for more information about the bats that are available for purchase from the City of Milwaukee. This could include the number of bats in the store, the price of each bat and the amount of money available.

You have until the deadline to complete all formalities and fees at the MPRD office, or you must complete your registration form and roster by the end of the day on Friday, May 31. If missing or incomplete information is received, this can lead to a game forfeiture.

Reservations for the city ball are accepted at the park and leisure office in the town hall. Reservations are free, but the manager or player must make the request and have a confirmation sent by post to reserve the diamond. The field can be reserved for practice at any time of the day, except Friday, May 31 and Saturday, June 3.

If you are unable to watch sports like the NHL, NBA, or MLB in black, professional and college sports teams are also subject to blackout restrictions when you watch them. When you buy the service, you will receive an IP address registered by a VPN service (think Germany, Italy or Seattle) and enter your Internet connection or broadband router at home by downloading the VPN app. IP addresses can serve as a disguise for various major sports teams that try to block streaming services, so that you can easily watch the streaming service on your TV or computer.

If your team has blackout restrictions, such as the NHL, NBA or MLB, you'll probably be able to get a cheap TV antenna. Other sports teams, such as the NFL, NFL Network and MLB Network, can be watched without any restrictions.

If your team has blackout restrictions, like the NHL, NBA or MLB, you'll probably be able to watch with a cheap cable antenna.

The Menasha Joint School District will end fall sports in middle and high schools and keep its students in distance learning for the foreseeable future. The Gillett School District has also announced it will switch to virtual learning, as has the school district in West De Pere. The Deere School District has also announced that a large number of students and staff will be quarantined due to an outbreak of influenza in its schools.

Notre Dame Academy sent a letter to families last week saying the move was due to health and safety conditions surrounding COVID-19 in the Green Bay Area. We do everything we can to ensure activities that are best for the mind and body of our students, but the increased risk no longer outweighs the benefits, "the letter said.

The decision to switch to virtual learning follows a similar move by Notre Dame Academy to the Green Bay Area last year.

The Neenah Joint School District will move into virtual learning as Fox Valley continues to have larger communities and the spread of the coronavirus. The Ashwaubenon School District announced Friday that it will begin distance learning for its elementary and middle school students on Tuesday, October 6. The Green Bay Area Catholic Education Department announced Thursday that its middle and high schools will switch to virtual learning by mid-October. The Mishicot School District announced the day before that all public and private schools and the charter school system will switch to virtual learning in mid-October.

Each player must first read the form for participation in the squad before the captain registers the team. Unregistered players are not allowed to play in any game for the rest of the regular season or the playoffs. Players will be banned for two games and teams will be fined $500 and / or a two-game suspension for each remaining game.

All bats used in the Menasha League must have a small approved sticker and new bats should not exceed 1 / 20 of the BPF. All national softball organizations (ASA and USSSA) support the BPF boundary and all racquets used within the Women's Softball Association of Wisconsin (WSOW) and the Wisconsin State Baseball Association (WSBA) racquets rules.

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